Principal's Desk

From the deep core of heart I welcome and congratulate the bright talents with soaring ambition from the regions of the nation and of the globe taking encouraging step to get in to the Kaliachak College, an academic institution of higher education with up to date approach that targets to mould young men and women into successful personalities. The institution cares for the all round development of the enrolled youths by providing the learners- friendly environment for their proper upbringing to build them as resourceful and responsible citizen of the proud nation by augmenting the expected adeptness in educational and in social spheres of life
The pioneering institution of higher education is positioned at the heart of the Mid-Bengal, (in the district of Malda , West Bengal, India) which is historically rich with relics and monuments of Gour, the capital of the  golden period of Sultanate Era. On the other hand , geographically  this district has earned the renounce of having fertile landscape for producing world famous mango, lichi and silk.
We, the kaliachak college community, firmly believe that knowledge and skill can create feet to rise and wings to fly and the students are to assert for their places in the global dais and to claim the piece of sky in the era of unprecedented knowledge explosion and varied competition . The environment of the institution  greets the learners for building brighter career, competence and proficiency  in the subject concerned and to augment a good moral character, strong sense of discipline.
 The founding fathers of this endearing institution envisaged to educate the wards of the backward section of  the people of the localities around the institution, however it being a representative center dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge in the changing race of time it could cope up with the approaching scenario of the  concept of global village  evolved in the 21st century.The college is committed to impart quality higher  education to the offsprings of every strata of public from every where in general. Learners from the home district of Malda, neighbouring districts of both North and South  Dinajpur and Murshidabad also from neighbouring states like Jharkhand and  Assam get admitted in online mode here and exit the gate enriching themselves with quality education.
 The benefactors of the institution use six digital classrooms including one virtual classroom, one language laboratory other than science laboratories for inculcating learning resources to the main beneficiaries viz the learners. We broadly appreciate the involvement and participation of the learners along with the  utilisation of the best professional quality and experience   of the faculty members  supported by the administrative staff by providing services and opportunities to make this institution one of the best destination of academic excellence in the nation.
The campus possesses  charming greenery of  lichi orchard, mango garden, medicinal plants, tallowwoods  and herbs  around the material resources of the college. The "Water Body", the "Garden Flora", the "Bio-Composter" within the boundary evidences the features of eco-balance.  The river, Pagla, a tributary of the Ganga flows by the institution spotlighting  the natural spaces of the rural base. 
In the age of connectivity in all the fists the stakeholders of the college enjoy free speedy wi-fi system by jio. The campus is linked to the 34 National Highway with a 300 metre pucca road. It's  connected well  with the railway  to  Farakka station and Malda Town stations by the National Highway distancing only ten KM and thirty KM to the south and to the north respectively.
  Recognised as  one of the highest graded institution of higher education in the district, the kaliachak college is accredited  by the National Assessment And Accreditation Council , Bangalore with B +  grade in the second cycle.  The college is affiliated to  the University of Gour Banga for regular under graduate courses of humanities and science in honours and general programs. Besides, the College signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata, Vidyasagar University , Midnapore for distance courses in under graduate and post graduate courses.  Furthermore the institution enjoys a relation with UGC-HRDC , Aligarh Muslim University , Uttar Pradesh for organising academic leadership programs for college and university faculty members and officers as well. .
India being one of the most populous nations in the world and having the largest number  of young human resources in the globe in this competitive era, building the ignited minds as social worth is the most vital task of the institution like ours. The enthusiastic youths participate as volunteers of National Sevice  Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC).  Through the curricular, co curricular, extra curricular and reach out programs, we do prioritize the efforts  of enfueling  the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, ethical mindset and scientific temper among the learners to prepare themselves as   personalities with the quality to brighten the face of the great nation .
Belighting the face of the college NCC cadet  as well as NSS volunteer are awarded with the 'West Bengal Governor's Silver Medal' and the certificate of participation in the  'Chief Minister's Republic Day Parade' of the Government of West Bengal respectively for their excellent performance in state and national level concerned programs. Furthermore the cadets are placed in different positions of the administration. 
Augmenting the pride of ours, the students secure rankings in university examinations regularly , besides , their success rates in the results are encouraging . Alumni are being qualified in different academic, administrative and professional competitive exams. They , in the world of unemployment, are engaging themselves in various  sections of business and trade in local, national and international level.
Friendly atmosphere among the authority, the teaching, non teaching fraternity, the beloved students, the alumni, and the society has enhanced the charm of the learning  environs that  may be the boon for quality education in quality campus.