Students Facility Available in Kaliachak College
Academic Session: 2019-2020
1. Library: Students may get text and reference books from the central library of the college on
    production of the library lending card
2. Departmental Library: The poor and meritorious students may borrow text and reference books
    from their respective departmental library.
3. Reading Room: A regular student will get a reading room card from the central library for
    reading his/ her preferred books and journals and available daily newspaper during the library
    hours in the reading room. It is well furnished with individual table and chairs, light and fan.
4. Internet: Internet is an inseparable part of modern education. The campus is equipped with
    free wi fi facility which can be used only for academic purpose through log in with individual
   mobile number.
5. Laboratory: Students with subject combination of practical background will have the facility of
   laboratory for their experiments
6. Language Laboratory: It is a unique opportunity especially for students of Kaliachak College. This
    lab is meant for learning the four skills of language learning especially for English and Arabic
    language. Successful and skillful completion of the certificate and diploma course from this lab
    may empower a student to access into the international job market. However, students are to
    take separate admission in these courses.
7. Games: Students with sports background may have their bachelor degree with physical
    education. However, students of any other courses also may develop their sports and games
    skill under the supervision of games instructor.
8. Stipend: Poor and meritorious students may get stipend and scholarship from a number of
    Government and Non-government sources like SC/ST/Minority/ Kanyashree/ Vivekananda
    Merit-cun-Means scholarship etc through the approval of the college office.
9. Students Health Home: Students may get free treatment facility all over West Bengal under this
    scheme of Students Health Home at a nominal annual fee of Rs.10/-
10. NCC: Students may enroll their name under the NCC program as an extra-curricular activities,.
     However, there is a selection test both written and practical. A successful & skillful completion
     of the whole program a student may get the job opportunity in the Indian Defense Service.
11. NSS: Students may register their name under the National Services Scheme: Unit- I for boys and
      Unit- II for girls’ students.
12. Photo copy: Readers from the reading room or the book borrowers from the central library may
     get photo copy of their study material from the central library.
13. Journals: Students may keep note that journals are the source of latest knowledge developed
      from the research of the academicians. The students have the access to the journals online/off
      line of their related subjects. This practice will enrich them with the latest knowledge.
14. Conference Hall: This hall is meant for conference, seminar and workshop purpose. This hall is
      fully Air conditioned and well furnished with modern electronic technology like sound system,
     audio visual LED projector, board, Dias and podium.
15. CCTV Camera: The whole campus from the office to library and from class room to laboratory is
     protected under the surveillance of CCTV Camera.
16. Computer lab: Knowledge of Computer is compulsory for a successful student. It is undeniable
     fact that the computer skilled person remains ahead of non computer person in the job market.
     Therefore students may oft for admission in the basic computer program.
17. Smart Class Room: Learning is the basic purpose of the students in the college. In order to
      ensure a unique learning experience in the College the authority developed four smart class
      rooms furnished with the modern education technologies like LED Projector, internet,
      interactive board etc.
18. Virtual Class Room: Students may interact with the teacher in the virtual classroom while the
       students remain outside the classroom.
19. Dynamic Website: Students may find their Academic calendar, Annual teaching plan, study
      material, question bank, previous year UGB questions, unit test schedule & results, progress
      report through the Learning Management System in the dynamic college website.
20. Feedback System: Students may give their feedback annually on the teachers performance,
      treatment in office & library etc
21. Complaints Box: Students may submit their complaints/objection/Suggestion related institution
22. Anti ragging cell: students may seek help of the anti ragging sqard. Mobile number and other
      necessary information is available in the college website.
23. Anti Sexual Harassment Cell: Students may get protection against any kind of sexual
      harassment. Contact the cell with written prayer. Necessary information is available in the
24. Canteen: Students may avail refreshment tea and snacks from the college canteen.
25. Girls Common Room: Girls students have their separate common room where they can pass
       their leisure.
26. Cycle Stand: The students may park their two-wheeler in the cycle stand
27. Drinking Water: Arsenic free fresh drinking water is available in the campus;
28. Power Supply: the campus has 24X7 power back-up system.
29. Girls Hostel: The Hostel is under construction; and soon services will start if sufficient number of
      eligible candidates opted for it.
30. Walking Aids: Differently able students may avail the facility of wheel chair for movement
      within the college campus.
31. Special Toilet: Special toilet for differently able students is under construction.
32. Music Instruments: Music lovers may use harmonium, Sites and other instruments for their
      music concerts.

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